throne and liberty transcendence skills
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Throne and Liberty Transcendence Skills

Transcendence Skills is a special category of Skills in Throne and Liberty, that are tied to the various Rankings of the game! Each major Ranking category in Throne and Liberty, offers a unique skills that affects the world around the caster. Unlike the other Weapon Skills, only the number one player in each ranking has access to Transcendence Skills. This makes them quite important for group gameplay and Guild versus Guild competitions!

Transcendence Skills List in Throne and Liberty

At the moment there are only three Transcendence Skills, from the Activity, Kill and Guild Ranking categories. Each Skill offers a different effect that can boost your resource efficiency and Speed or even hide the entire group around you. The Transcendence Skills are:


Transcending Power: Heavy Rain

Activity Ranking(PVE)
Rain falls for 10min.
Mana Cost Efficiency +100% and Cooldown Speed +20% for 24s for nearby Party members and Guild members.

Transcending Power: Eclipse
Kill Ranking(PVP)Darkens the world for 10min.
All party members and Guild members within a 5m range are Stealthed for 30s.
Using skills or moving out of the caster's range ends Stealth.

Transcending Power: Gale
Guild Ranking
Turns the wind into powerful gusts for 10min, blowing in the direction the camera is facing. Move Speed +25% for 24s for nearby party members and Guild Members.

Depending on the available skill, you can boost the efficiency of your group and guild members when doing PVE or approach a hostile force unseen in PVP! Transcendence powers are valuable for coordinated Group content and can change the way you experience the game.

You can use the above Skills, in order to complement your powerful Builds in Throne and Liberty! For TL Builds and Guides you can take a look at my Throne and Liberty Builds and Guides Page!

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