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Shattered Fate

Shattered Fate is a Crafted Armor Set in ESO.

Shattered Fate
5 items: Adds 7918 Offensive Penetration
10 items: Adds 687 Weapon and Spell Damage
12 items: Adds 1528 Critical Chance

Set Info

  • Type: Crafted Armor Set – 5 Traits
  • Location: Apocrypha – Artisan’s Hermitage
  • DLC: Necrom DLC

Set Description

The crafting stations for this set can be found in Artisan’s Hermitage around the Apocrypha zone. The Set’s bonuses boost your Offensive Penetration, Weapon and Spell Damage and Critical Chance. The Set offers a great boost to your offensive capabilities but you will have to use up to twelve gear slots for it.

Set Location

On the map below you can see the location of the Set’s Crafting Stations!

shattered fate
Set Location

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