eso skills

ESO Skills

ESO Skills

ESO Skills are the various skills in The Elder Scrolls Online that help you complete every type of content.

These skills belong to different categories based on the class of your character, the weapons you are using or other lines you have unlocked.

These are the main categories of Skills in ESO:

sorcerer skills eso

Class Skills ESO

Class Skills are the unique skills that belong to each one of the six classes in…
racial skills eso

Racial Skills ESO

Racial Skills in the Elder Scrolls Online are unique passive bonuses for each one of the…
weapon skills eso

Weapon Skills ESO

Weapon Skills are special skills in The Elder Scrolls Online that allow you to use more…
guild skills eso

Guild Skills ESO

Guild Skills in The Elder Scroll Online are special skills you can unlock by joining six…
world skills eso

World Skills ESO

World Skills in The Elder Scrolls Online include four different categories of skills that affect the…
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