eso skills

ESO Skills

ESO Skills are the various skills in The Elder Scrolls Online that will help you complete every type of content. These skills, along with Armor Sets, are essential when creating various Builds for PVE or PVP content and determine the identity of all playable Classes in The Elder Scrolls Online!

ESO Skills Categories

Below you can find the different categories of Skills in the game! These are:

Combining Skills from different categories, will help you create powerful Builds for PVE or PVP Gameplay and enjoy the game more! The Gold Road Chapter introduces the Scribing System and Skill Styles collectible that allows players to collect and customize their skills!

sorcerer skills

Class Skills ESO

Class Skills in ESO are the unique skills that belong to each one of the playable classes in The Elder Scrolls Online.
weapon skills eso

Weapon Skills ESO

Weapon Skills in ESO are special skills that you can unlock by equipping a specific weapon and allow you to use them more effectively.
armor skills eso

Armor Skills ESO

Armor Skills in ESO are active and passive skills you can unlock by wearing a specific type of Armor and assist certain play styles.
world skills eso

World Skills ESO

World Skills in ESO include six different categories of skills that affect the player’s capabilities in-game.
guild skills eso

Guild Skills ESO

Guild Skills in ESO are special skills you can unlock by joining unique NPC Guilds in-game and they can help you create powerful Builds!
alliance war skills eso

Alliance War Skills ESO

Alliance War Skills in ESO are skills players can earn and level up by participating in PVP activities in Battlegrounds or Open World PVP!
racial skills eso

Racial Skills ESO

Racial Skills in ESO are unique passive bonuses for each one of the nine playable races that exist in The Elder Scrolls Online!
eso companions skills

ESO Companions Skills

Everything you need to know about the Companions Skills in The Elder Scrolls Online. Class, Weapons, Guilds and Armor.

For ESO Builds for the various activities of the game, you can take a look at! Here you can find several PVE Builds for easier or harder content! But also PVP Builds for Battlegrounds or Open World PVP! Builds for every playable Class in ESO!

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