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Zoal the Ever-Wakeful is a Monster Set in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Zoal the Ever-Wakeful
Monster Set
1 item: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
2 items: When you Break Free, you release a wave of Watcher energy, causing enemies within 8 meters of you to become Feared for 3 seconds. You also gain 34 Weapon and Spell Damage for each enemy hit, up to 6 enemies, for 7 seconds.

Zoal the Ever-Wakeful Set Info

Type: Monster Set


Head – Imperial City – Elven Gardens District, Zoal the Ever-Wakeful

Shoulders – Tel Var Merchant

DLC : Imperial City


Zoal the Ever-Wakeful is a defensive Monster Set perfect for Magicka and Stamina Builds. Monster Sets have only Head and Shoulders pieces that provide unique bonuses.

The head is available as a drop from the Zoal the Ever-Wakeful boss in Imperial City. To gain access to the area you must own the Imperial City DLC.

You can get the Shoulders from the Tel Var Merchant.

You can wear both pieces to get the full set bonus or combine one piece with another piece from another Monster Set.

The Set’s bonuses boost your Maximum Stamina and when you break free, you release a wave of Watcher energy, causing enemies to become feared. It also boosts Weapon and Spell damage based on how many enemies it hit.

A good defensive PVP Monster Set that can fear enemies and boost your damage.